WHERE is IngenuityFest 2015?

Alright folks, we’ve had a TON of questions about where the festival is going down this year. Good news! If you’ve been to our festival recently, we’re not going far. We’re just shifting our site slightly east. To clarify, we are NOT including the warehouses at Docks 30 & 32 this year, but you are welcome to park in that lot! In fact, that’s one of your best bets.

Now. For the actual location: We are going to be at VOINOVICH PARK AND NORTHCOAST HARBOR NEXT WEEKEND.

Where’s that you ask? It’s right at the northern most part of East 9th Street. Take it all the way past Lakeside towards the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And BOOM you’re there. You can’t miss us! Parking is available at the Great Lakes Science Center and the lots just north of FirstEnergy (Browns) Stadium.

Not coming from downtown? You’re in luck! There is an EXIT right off OH-2 for the Rock Hall. Get off there and turn right (if you’re coming from the east) or left (if you’re coming from the west) and turn left onto Erieside Avenue. Follow the road and turn right at Browns Stadium to park in the Science Center garage, or just past there you can park in the lot north of the stadium.

Our festival has a pretty big site this year (but it only takes about 10 minutes to walk from corner to corner). We’ll have programming from Voinovich Bicentennial Park….ALLL the way around the Harbor, and even some by the William G. Mather Steamship. Here’s what we’re looking at:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.37.51 PM


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  1. What about rain this year? Looks like Voinovich Park is an outdoor venue without the roofed warehouses of docks 30 and 32. Will parts of the 2015 Fest be indoors as rain is in the forecast for Saturday October 3 and Sunday October 4, 2015?

  2. Looks like I can answer my own question — Sunday October 4 is now predicted to be be rain-free so indoor/outdoor makes little difference.

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