Watch CoolCleveland’s Cool Video Recap of 2011 put together a terrific slideshow of IngenuityFest 2011’s first night.

Set to the searing improv of Dixon’s Violin, this video/slideshow of Day One of IngenuityFest 2011 includes just some of the highlights of the coolest festival in the country: Life Currents, The Victory Project, Washed Out, Muamin Collective of Friends, The Revolution Brass Band, Zack Orr, Pecha Kucha, Tropidelic, Uzizi, Red Giant, Cats on Holiday, Ascent, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Trenchcoat Manifesto, Ray McNiece, Michael Palascak, Chucklfck Showcase, The Akronistrocrats, Midnight Magic, Nicky English, OldBoy, Peachcake and more… Not everyone made it into the slideshow (hey it’s hard to see everything!), but a good time was had by all.

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