Be An Ingenuity Volunteer!

Get involved with Ingenuity in a big way, helping artists, entertainers, vendors, and technologists, as well as a crew of talented and dedicated volunteers culled from throughout the Northeast Ohio region. It’s a tremendous effort made possible with YOUR help!

Register here for more information about volunteer opportunities and training programs, or call (216) 589-9444 for more information about how your organization or workplace can join our volunteer team.

What kinds of opportunities are available? Check out the descriptions below!
Street Team: Do you have a wacky alter ego that needs to go public? Perhaps we can help. IngenuityFest has an open casting call for outgoing and outrageous Street Team volunteers to help spread the excitement about the festival at local Cleveland events such as 78th Street Studios, Tremont Artwalk, Sparx City Hop, etc. We give Street Team volunteers creative license to engage and inform the public about the wonders of IngenuityFest.

Construction/Building: Is your craft construction? If so, we are looking for helping hands, with power tools, to set the stage. We need volunteers who can bring their own tools to pound, drill, sand, lift, move and paint. This is a fun opportunity to create the frame for event participants.

Greeters/Guest Relations: Are you passionate about the Cleveland art scene? We are too! IngenuityFest is seeking volunteers with friendly faces and outgoing personalities to welcome our guests. Guest relation volunteers will help welcome, inform, guide, and direct our guests through the festival. Guest relations volunteers are the positive personality of the festival!

Ingenuity Unplugged Counselor: Remember crayons, glue sticks and tempera paints? Revisit grade school by volunteering to help control the creative chaos in our Ingenuity Unplugged tent, a place where visitors can disconnect in order to reconnect. We are looking for individuals who don’t mind getting messy while fostering the creative community.

Runners/Floaters: Were you the kid who couldn’t sit still in class? Ever want to run away from your work desk? We embrace the ants in your pants and have an opportunity to put them to good use. Ingenuity is looking for movers and shakers – literally. We are seeking volunteers who are available to roam, rove, and run to help anyone who many need assistance during the event. This is an on your feet position that will take you all around the site helping support participants, staff, and other volunteers. Free guaranteed weight loss!

Ready to apply??! Fill out our volunteer application and interest form!