Be An Ingenuity Volunteer!

Get involved with Ingenuity in a big way, helping artists, entertainers, vendors, and technologists, as well as a crew of talented and dedicated volunteers culled from throughout the Northeast Ohio region. It’s a tremendous effort made possible with YOUR help!

Register here for more information about volunteer opportunities and training programs, or call (216) 589-9444 for more information about how your organization or workplace can join our volunteer team.

What kinds of opportunities are available? Check out the descriptions below!
Springtime: Help solicit silent auction donations for our annual fundraiser – we’ll even give you a script! Not a fan of the cold-calls? Help out at the event! We’ll need volunteers stationed at check-in, selling grab-bags, decorating and more!

Summatime: Be part of our street team to help spread the word about the Festival! Help construct spaces within our festival site (building stages, seating areas, etc). Assist an artist with installation. These jobs get into the down and dirty, but are a guaranteed fun time.

Autumntime: MORE STREET TEAMS! (Seriously, we gotta spread the word), MORE BUILDING (if you have tools you’d be willing to bring, you get extra points), and the Festival. We count on hundreds of volunteers over the weekend in September to assist artists, help at check-in, sell merch, and so much more.

Ready to apply??! Fill out our volunteer application and interest form!