Be An Ingenuity Volunteer!

Get involved with Ingenuity in a big way, helping artists, entertainers, vendors, and technologists, as well as a crew of talented and dedicated volunteers culled from throughout the Northeast Ohio region. It’s a tremendous effort made possible with YOUR help!

Register here for more information about volunteer opportunities and training programs, or call (216) 589-9444 for more information about how your organization or workplace can join our volunteer team.

What kinds of opportunities are available? Check out the descriptions below!
Winter/Springtime: Get ready for Bal Ingenieux! Assist with our silent auction, build artwork, or help out at the event: We’ll need volunteers stationed at check-in, selling grab-bags, decorating and more!

Summatime/Autumn: This is our busiest event season! Help construct spaces within our festival site (building stages, installations, etc). Assist an artist, or join a street team. These jobs get into the down and dirty, but are a guaranteed fun time with new skills and new friends. Sign up for our regular volunteer workshops Thursdays and Saturdays in August and September. 

THE FEST (September 22-24, 2017): We count on hundreds of volunteers over the weekend in September to assist artists, help at check-in, sell merch, and so much more. (If you have tools you’d be willing to bring, you get extra points).

Ready to apply??! Fill out our volunteer application and interest form!