February Ingenuity Event: Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Ingenuity Talkback
Come hear what we’re planning and be heard about what you’d like to see…

If you’ve come to Ingenuity in the past or you’re just starting to get to know us, we’d like to hear more from you. There is a lot of excitement about Ingenuity 2010 with our move to the Veterans Memorial Bridge and to the Fall, but we want ideas from the entire community.

When: Tuesday, February 2 @ 6 PM

Where: The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes (2600 South Park Boulevard in Shaker Heights)

We’ll be presenting slides on success stories from the past and sharing our ideas from the future. If you’re a big fan of Ingenuity, bring a friend. If you’ve never been to the Festival but want to hear more, come along! We’re hoping for a spirit discussion and a chance to meet new friends.

Please RSVP by January 31 in the form below or call us at 216-589-9444

Help Vote Ingenuity as #1 Festival in Cleveland

We’ve got nothing against the National Hamburger Festival, but we think we’re tops when it comes to Festivals in the area. Here’s the thing…somehow we were overlooked in the nominations for Best Festival in Cleveland from Metromix! Here’s how you can help us rectify the situation:

Go to this link: http://cleveland.metromix.com/events/best-of-award/festival/1701856/content

And ‘write-in’ Ingenuity in the comments section. Or vote for the Hamburger festival. We don’t want to sway the democratic process, just keep people informed. But seriously, write-in Ingenuity.

Also, if you could include http://www.ingenuitycleveland.com in your comment so much the better. Something along the lines of “I really enjoyed the Hamburger festival, but check out ingenuitycleveland.com. Those folks know how to put on a non-hamburger festival.”

That’ll do just fine… Thanks!

2010 Call to Artists Up!

Our 2010 Call to Artists page is up and running.  View it here: Link

Pass it around to anyone creative you know and let’s get some great ideas going for Ingenuity 2010!

Cool History on Veteran's Memorial Bridge

Over at The Cool HIstory of Cleveland, Tech Czar’s written terrific mini-history of the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge — the site of next year’s festival.  The post quotes extensively from a book devoted to the history of the bridge titled appropriately: The History of Veterans Memorial Bridge (90th Anniversary Edition) by William E. Beyer.

It’s really interesting to look at the post-card images and see what’s changed and what hasn’t.  If you made it to the 2009 Bridge Project, look at where the trains once emerged from the lower-level of the bridge and became part of the street-scape.  One interesting thing for me was how entangled the landscape looked even back then.  The bridge actually extends over another bridge underneath it.

Looking at the bridge from both the outside and the inside, many people mistakenly think the bridge was built as part of a WPA project in the 1930’s or that it was part of the Robert Moses driven boom in bridges and tunnels.  But it was built in 1917 which predates all of that by more than a decade.

From the post:

The Veterans Memorial Bridge, or the Detroit-Superior Bridge, opened for traffic on Thanksgiving Day in 1917. It was the City’s first “high-level bridge” over the Cuyahoga River. It was designed and built to relieve the significant traffic congestion on the Superior Viaduct. The bridge, in fact, carries two decks. The top deck for car traffic and the bottom deck was built for streetcar traffic. Unfortunately, the second deck has been closed. But at one time it carried some really stunning streetcars underground – only to “pop” back-up on Superior Avenue or Detroit Avenue.

See many more photos and read more here:  The Cool History of Cleveland