Ingenuity Exists Because of You!

Every year, Ingenuity reaches an audience of more than 60,000 people, supported by program collaborations and financial partnerships. Click here for more information on specific partner levels and benefits.

Now more than ever, our partners are proud to connect to a mission with year-round visibility and tangible benefit to the community.  We are building on the success of the 2017 IngenuityFest, drawing thousands to a former factory and newly established home of IngenuityLabs @ the Hamilton Collaborative. In 2018, we did it again, and our  story has been gaining momentum ever since.

Now, the only question is will you join us? Ingenuity has a number of benefits for St. Clair-Superior and the city as a whole:

Ingenuity creates boundary-pushing Creative Programming  promoting myriad viewpoints.

We present Educational Outreach that draws enthusiasm and spark curiosity from all ages.

We are a leader in our community’s Maker Movement, bringing the annual Cleveland Mini Maker Faire to town in partnership with the Cleveland Public Library, and producing numerous other programs, workshops, and networking opportunities.

We are actively involved Neighborhood Revitalization for St. Clair-Superior, a diverse and largely underserved neighborhood. IngenuityLabs, IngenuityFest and the Hamilton Collaborative not only draw attention to the area, but create low-barrier to access programs and opportunities to engage with community members and provide tools and resources.

With our partners, we promote Sustainable Practices. Our pilot IngenuityLabs program allowed Rust Belt Riders, an eco-composting group, to move into the Hamilton Collaborative and scale up, working to reduce our region’s food waste. We are currently working with the group on the remediation of a 2-acre former scrapyard onsite into a teaching garden and sustainability demonstration site.

We provide Life-long Learning. IngenuityLabs promotes entrepreneurship skills and provides a host of opportunities to expand creative skillsets. Additionally, Hamilton Collaborative partners work with us to make available to community members a range of offerings, such as composting workshops, woodworking, metalworking, co-working, ensuring our building is a place to make, share and inspire.




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