Ingenuity Exists Because of You!

Every year, Ingenuity reaches an audience of more than 100,000 people, supported by program collaborations and financial partnerships.

Now more than ever, our partners are proud to connect to a mission with year-round visibility, rooted in one of Cleveland’s most dynamic neighborhoods on the rise.  Since 2017, Ingenuity has been proud to to draw thousands of annual visitors to our 300,000 square foot former factory to experience innovation, creativity and the power of collaboration. At IngenuityLabs @ the Hamilton Collaborative, we nurture artists, entrepreneurs, neighbors, and members of Cleveland’s entire creative community . . . we are a home for change makers and meeting ground for the curious.

Now, the only question is will you join us?

For sponsorship questions, contact Managing Director Alyssa Perna (; for questions on creative partnerships, contact Artistic Director Emily Appelbaum (

Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

Inferno Sponsor

  • Year Round Visibility in IngenuityLabs
  • Naming of Festival Stage or Village
  • Half-page ad in Festival program
  • Includes lower-level benefits listed below

Flame Sponsor

  • Year Round Visibility in IngenuityLabs
  • Naming of Festival Exhibit
  • Quarter-page ad in Festival program
  • Includes lower-level benefits listed below

Spark Sponsorship

  • Company logo displayed in Festival program
  • Logo placement on event signage
  • Includes lower-level benefits listed to the right

Ember Sponsorship

  • Company name displayed in Festival program
  • Name placement on event signage
  • Website and social media recognition
  • Ticket and parking packages

Become a Sponsor:

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