It's gonna look great under the bridge on Friday!

If you know the bridge space, you know that it’s an amazing place just to be. But for the Speakeasy, we wanted to transform the place and we’re getting some big help from THE SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW.

THE SOLAR FIRE LIGHTSHOW is an unique effects lighting outfit based in Cleveland, Ohio. In the past 15 years they have done over 300 lightshows in 7 countries and 3 continents while touring with many legendary bands. Their road has led them across the USA and on to Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, East and West Germany, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia.

Audiences have enjoyed their dynamic and colorful lighting displays from small
communal squats in the former E. Germany – to the Columbus Museum of Art. You don’t want to miss the incredible lighting displays they are now creating for both this year’s SPEAKEASY 2.0 and the 2010 INGENUITY FEST this coming September!

Tickets are still available so order in advance!

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