Speakeasy Ticket Giveaway at 'Tis Cleveland

Our friends at ‘Tis Cleveland are featuring a ticket giveaway to the Ingenuity Speakeasy 2.0

‘Tis Cleveland is giving away tickets to the Skyline After Party for those readers who comment on this post with what they think is our city’s greatest asset! We’ll vote on the best answer and select the winner this weekend. We also have some Ingenuity t-shirts to give away as well.

We think it’s important to rediscover, remember and regain an appreciation for what makes Cleveland so special to our communities after all that’s happened recently. We love our city and know that it is made up than much more than one man. WE MAKE CLEVELAND AMAZING!

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Also, check (and vote for) out our entry at ‘Tis Cleveland’s event page!

6 Replies to “Speakeasy Ticket Giveaway at 'Tis Cleveland”

  1. Cleveland’s greatest asset is its citizens. Cleveland offers a unique mix of citizens with a fantastic cultural variety. Cleveland has great food, art, culture, and sports, with fantastic architectural venues and it is our great citizens, each and every person, that contribute to the greatness of our city. I’ve lived here all my life and I love it!

  2. Cleveland’s greatest asset is our never-ending ability to get back up. Whether it’s the economy or the latest sports fiasco, you just can’t keep Cleveland down. We are thinkers and do our best to make this city the best it can be and Ingenuity Festival is a great showcase for our talents! We can, Cleveland!

  3. Cleveland’s best asset is the diversity of fun, interesting and creative activities and functions to attend all around town. Music concerts: free and otherwise, rock, classical, jazz, blues, folk, hip-hop, ethnic; Festivals: ethnic, beer, food related, art, film, religious, rock, maritime; Dance: shows, participation, nightclubs, conta, square, swing, ballroon, free in the park; Science: inventive, Ingenuity, museum, body exhibit; Museum: history, nature, autos, immigration, jewish, ethnic, cutural, botanical, art, religious; Drama: national, local, childrens, experimental, comedic, opera; Parks; urban, suburban,small, large, trails, play equipment, picnic, skate, dog, hiking, biking, forested, waterfalls, landscaped, People: young, old, teen, tween and in between; caucasian, asian, african, latino, indian, middle eastern, native american, european, canadian, islanders, Weather: warm, cold, hot, cloudy, sunny, not, icy, rainy, dry, humid, snow, and blow; Season: All four. Jobs: white collar, blue collar, inventive, repetative, manual, mental, medical, educational, environmental, service, artistic, entrepenurial, corporate, banking, building, urban farming, research, restorative. Water: Lakes, rivers, falls, rain, snow, Cleveland’s best asset is that it has it all….just look around…it’s here, believe it, participate in it, grow it, support it.

  4. Cleveland’s best quality is the feeling that your friends could weld you something and then drink a beer down, all with a super lush, park-like setting as a theatrical backdrop to the old timey industrial ambience. It’s a kick in the pants and underappreciated.

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