Sneak Peak: Ingenuity’s 2018 Dates and Theme!

IngenuityFest 2018 will be held at the Hamilton Collaborative September 28-30. Our theme, Future/Past, celebrates the return of cherished traditions melded with the drive toward progress, forging a reimagined future of community, localism, and humanistic technologies. It represents whimsical ideation, a­ homecoming as our former industrial facility reawakens with new art and manufacturing, and the hum of imagination from the many renaissance women and men who call the Collaborative home.

In 2018, our audience will be invited to travel through time and space, enjoying a return to interest in artisan crafts, self-sufficiency, and a reintegration of community in daily life that celebrates what was best in our past, while forging a bright future. Help us imagine the many forms of these in future worlds.

There are so many ways these theme can play out: revisit the mechanical imaginings of polymath Leonardo DiVinci, celebrate the elegant machines of the Victorian era, or look ahead at the technologies of the future…

We’re hosting a design competition for illustrators, artists, and graphic designers to help us create this vision. Entries due March 31!

Ingenuity 2018: Future/Past Design Competition


Need some inspiration to get you started?

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