IngenuityFest Village: Indus-TREE Alley

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.38.53 AMIndus-TREE Alley

The latest innovations in manufacturing, industry and sustainability, made possible by Ohio Materials Handling and the Port of Cleveland, in partnership with Cleveland Container Structures and Apple Mobile Leasing.

What Sparks You? The Snavely Group gives local artists a chance to let their creativity shine, in partnership with Graffiti Heart!

Port of Cleveland

Cleveland Container Structures

Kurtz Brothers

Green Ribbon Coalition

All Power Solutions

Iron Architect Site #1: Iron Architect is a chance for local architects, builders, designers and fabricators to show their stuff! Watch these site-specific works come together over 24 hours from 5:00pm Friday to 5:00 pm Saturday! Made possible through a partnership HGR Industrial Surplus!

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