Ingenuity Labs Incubator Program

Ingenuity Labs Incubator Program is part residency, part accelerator. It allows select Ingenuity grantees access to shared shop space, shared tools, and their own studio/workshop space over the course of the summer, culminating in an onsite exhibit at IngenuityFest.. Additional programs, including workshops in skills like marketing and grant writing, as well as periodic open-houses, are considered integral to the program.

Space and participation is available to creatives of all stripes – artisans, entrepreneurs, start-ups and more. Our program is ideal for artists looking to make use of our unique industrial space, entrepreneurs looking to scale up, and new projects that make unique use of our unique environment for collaboration and cross pollination. To learn more and apply, see HERE

We’ve been thrilled to welcome two cohorts of participants thus far. These initial artisans, entrepreneurs, and start-ups have helped shape our understand of our program’s unique potential for collaboration and cross pollination. Special consideration was given to projects with a focus on interdisciplinary works, community outreach and civic progress.

2017 IngenuityLabs Cohort

Tesla Orchestra
Doing great things with sound and light.

Andrew Kaletta Statuary
Concrete casting for sculptural elements and custom lighting fixtures.

Biro Wood Company
Laminated wood and carbon fiber engineering.

Trademark Stylehouse
Connecting Cleveland artists through design and manufacturing of print and cut-sew apparel.

Multimedia production company combining costume, music, dance, original video.

Art is our Refuge by Negative Space
A home for refugee artists working in various media.

New Works by Megan Young and Kix Nicole
Digital interactive works exhibited in Illumination Island.

Tiny Home by Tom Morledge
Moto Loco experience created in partnership with Ingenuity and Hector Castellanos.

“Imprints” and Initiate Studios by Michele Crawford
Creative programming and design education outreach.

2016 IngenuityLabs Cohort

Lauren Holler Dance Immersive dance using movement, film & architecture to explore how we humans create boundaries that confine us, and what we do when we meet them.

TradeMark StyleHouse A design studio working to connect local Cleveland artists through a new approach to fashion and collaboration in design and manufacturing of print and cut-sew apparel.

Rustbelt Riders Composting A worker-owned organic waste removal service available to Northeast Ohio businesses, schools and institutions, creating wealth from waste through the conversion into value-added products. At IngenuityLABS, the collective’s focus is innovative technologies such as use of Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composting, Vermiculture and Mushroom Cultivation.

Immortal Nerd Creative Services Immortal Nerd’s Creative Services provides consulting, design, collage and digital fabrication services for custom work ranging from cosplay accessories to installation art and beyond. Mixed media installation employs a combination of artistic, manufacturing, and technological capabilities.

MegLouise Interdisciplinary New Media Artwork Green screen video area and performance by Megan Young, whose activities include choreography as system design and performance as social disruption. Premiered works included UNSUCCESSFUL WRESTLING MATCH, later shown as one of five Akron area works for the Joy of Voting Project of Citizen University supported by the Knight Foundation.

Damian Venditti Studios Damian Venditti creates surreal oil paintings and sculpture rooted in anthropology and dreams to create fluid finished works with a kinetic appearance.



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