Discovery News Highlights Inflatable Hospitals for Emergencies

Discovery News has a piece up on Doctors Without Borders use of  inflatable hospitals.  These are vital in places like Haiti where infrastructure is so compromised and injuries so severe that a hospital needs to literally appear out of thin air.

The article cites a Plain Dealer Infographic on how the hospitals work and highlights the work of Cleveland area company FSI North America.

It’s all a reminder that true ingenuity can be fun but it can also save lives.

From Discovery News (read the full article here):

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a temporary hospital with inflatable components that can be deployed whenever needed. Doctors Without Borders has been employing them for years, including an impressive inflatable nine-tent, 120-bed center in Pakistan following a 7.6 magnitude earthquake there in 2005. The hospital post-and-beam frames can be made from the same fabric in inflatable lifeboats. Nylon interior and exterior walls leave space for air to create an insulating effect. The Cleveland Plain Dealer created an infographic showing one kind of inflatable hospital.

Help Vote Ingenuity as #1 Festival in Cleveland

We’ve got nothing against the National Hamburger Festival, but we think we’re tops when it comes to Festivals in the area. Here’s the thing…somehow we were overlooked in the nominations for Best Festival in Cleveland from Metromix! Here’s how you can help us rectify the situation:

Go to this link:

And ‘write-in’ Ingenuity in the comments section. Or vote for the Hamburger festival. We don’t want to sway the democratic process, just keep people informed. But seriously, write-in Ingenuity.

Also, if you could include in your comment so much the better. Something along the lines of “I really enjoyed the Hamburger festival, but check out Those folks know how to put on a non-hamburger festival.”

That’ll do just fine… Thanks!

Amazing Things People Are Saying About Us…

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Lisa Lock Performance in February

Ingenuity favorite Lisa Lock will be presenting Concentric Cycles, a piece that she choreographed and will perform at the Cleveland Public Theatre February 19 – 21.

Concentric Cycles
Choreographed by Lisa K. Lock and Performed by Amy Compton and Lisa K. Lock.

As time passes, memories weave a fabric that connects with the present, shaping every moment of our lives. A mysterious karmic tale that spans a life time repetitively gives second chances and allows for grasping wisdom through mistakes made in the heat of passion.

Choreographer and performer Lisa K. Lock’s new work ponders questions about the privilege of owning a body, in a fable of incarnating souls. Memories are made visible with an unrolling large red train, at times decorative and at times limiting, it is a metaphor for the fabric of life, the red thread, and a bloody past.

Collaborators include Larry Coleman (video and PR), Paul Gurgol (artistic advisor) and Russ Borski (costume designer).

This piece will be presented along with other terrific pieces at CPT’s Big Box Series.  It’s 11 pieces presented over eight weekends.  Read about all of them here and go see them!

Ingenuity Documentary Featured on CNBC

A documentary that was previously featured at the Ingenuity Festival was aired recently on CNBC.  If you missed it, you can download it from iTunes, here: Link

You can read the full press release here: Link

Welcome to Macintosh Documentary Gets CNBC Exclusive
… Film Festival, the 1st Ann. Naperville Independent Film Fest, the Texandance International Film Festival as well as the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival.