Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will you start accepting applications for bands at IngenuityFest?

We usually post our call for bands around mid-late April. To be considered, all bands must fill out the online application. Applicants will be notified in August if they’ve been accepted.

2. When do you start accepting applications for exhibits/performances/general content/etc. for IngenuityFest?

You can apply today!

3. How much does it cost to attend IngenuityFest?

IngenuityFest in 2016 will cost $5. This minimal fee supports local artists and our new directions as a year-round organization. Weekend passes are $10 and children 12 and under are FREE!.

4. When is IngenuityFest this year?

IngenuityFest is September 23-25, 2016 this year! At the corner of 53rd and Hamilton in Saint Clair Superior.

5. Are you ever going back to the bridge?!?!

We’ve heard it a thousand times – “Go back to the bridge, that was so unique and awesome!” – well first, thanks! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Sadly the reality is that the pedestrian walkway is an extremely difficult venue for several reasons. 1. It’s dangerous, 2. Because it’s dangerous, it’s very expensive to insure, 3. Most of the bridge doesn’t have power…which means we need to rent costly generators. Long story short, it’s just too expensive for us right now. But through your support, we can activate more highly unusual spaces like the bridge.

6. Why do you have all of those corporate vendors at the Fest?

These guys help pay for all the cool installations and performances you come to explore and discover! We need their support!

7. Can I bring my dog to IngenuityFest?

Sadly, we do ask that you leave Cujo at home – our site is pretty condensed this year, so it’s going to be crowded!

8. Who should come to IngenuityFest?

Everybody! We’ve got stuff for the kiddos as well as the grandparents. In general, the crowd is pretty family friendly and definitely skews towards a younger audience at night. But it’s nothing too raunchy, we promise!

9. Does Ingenuity do anything else during the year?

YES! In the spring we host the Bal Ingénieux – a costume party, celebration of the creative class, and nod to Cleveland’s history. This event serves as our major fundraiser every year. We also produce the Cleveland Mini Maker Faire in partnership with the Cleveland Public Library – it’s a day of learning, creativity, and DIY projects! Since 2013, Ingenuity has been a host organization in the Creative Fusion program with the Cleveland Foundation. And in 2015 we introduced Agents of Ingenuity – a conversation series connecting everyone from students to business leaders to the creative sector.

10a. WOW! I want to get involved! How do I help?

There are three easy ways to get involved and and you can do one or ALL THREE of them if your heart so desires. First off – you can donate to Ingenuity! Support our programming by clicking here. Second, you can join the super cool group: the Benjamins – a group of young-minded individuals dedicated to raising awareness (and funds) for Ingenuity. Just email a resume and paragraph on why you want to join to Last but not least you can volunteer. Every year we need hundreds of volunteers to help us out! Whether it’s just a mailing that needs to get out or crafting decorations for an event to helping out at the event itself, we need you. Visit our volunteer page for more info!

10b. I work/volunteer with another organization/institution and we’d love to collaborate with Ingenuity on programming. Who do I talk to?

Please don’t hesitate to send a note to our Executive Director, Paula Grooms. Or you can reach our Program Director, Emily Appelbaum, here.

11. How do I stay up to date on the latest Ingenuity news & events?

2 things: Sign up for our e-newsletter by putting your email into the top box of the right-hand column (we only send them out about once a month! Sometimes a couple more right before an event…) OR follow us on social media! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ (psssst! our Pinterest is coming soon!!)

Didn’t cover your question? Send any general inquiries to Annie at!