Consulting & Commissions

Ingenuity Cleveland is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ignite the creative spark among artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives of all types, through joy and collaboration, in service to civic progress. We work at the intersection of the arts, science, technology, health & wellness to animate Cleveland’s urban spaces and communities in a way that is empowering, boundary-pushing, and sustainable. 

Ingenuity provides a variety of services in the interconnected fields of placemaking, public art, urban planning, design & public programming. Our approach is to engage stakeholders and unite community partners and residents through creative approaches that amplify local voices, elevate artistic expression, and build a sense of ownership and pride to create lasting positive outcomes. 

We deliver large-scale commissioned artworks, which can be built collaboratively by and for the  communities in which they are placed; plan and implement community events start-to-finish; enliven public process through our unique approach to outreach & engagement; consult on placemaking and public art strategies and best practices; provide logistical & operations support; assist in grant writing and fundraising, and more. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about our services at