Cleveland Food Featured on Marketplace

NPR listeners may have caught the story on Marketplace last week about the Cleveland food scene. A kind of ‘better than you’d think’ tone to the whole thing. Then again, it is better than you think. Hat’s off to all the innovative work going on in the culinary food scene around town. It’s another good thing happeningĀ  in Cleveland. From the report:

Kai Ryssdal: Here’s one of those recession-related conundrums that makes covering the economy so interesting: At the same time that many Americans are eating in more — or if they do go out it’s straight to the McDonald’s dollar menu — there are an amazing number of high-end restaurants opening and succeeding. A lot of them in places that have been clobbered by a falling economy. Places like Cleveland, Ohio. Dan Bobkoff of WCPN has more.

You can read the whole transcript or listen to the report here: Marketplace

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