Bal Ingenieux Website Launches

We’ve launched a new mini-website devoted to the Bal Ingenieux which will be on Ma

There are photos, directions and info on this year’s event.y 3 this year.

Remember, last year’s first two levels sold out so buy early and often to avoid disappointment!


Video: Ingenuity’s Science Fiction Fair

In 2012, Ingenuity launched a Science Fiction Fair pilot project.  We brought together thought leaders and


experts from the community as well as a small but eager group of students from Cleveland schools.  Those students used this expert input to form a

vision of their future.  Working with illustrators from the Rust Belt Monster Collective, students brought their visions to life.  This video features interviews with the students involved and features the posters created for the projected and showcased at IngenuityFest 2012.


The dialogue between the students, artists, and experts was fantastic.  The sessions often turned from a presentation into a spirited discussion and clearly had an impact on the students as they formed ideas abou

t their own future.  It’s a reminder about the good things that can happen when the future is a place where anything is possible.

Thanks to everyone who served as mentors and to the illustrators at the Rust Belt Monster Collective.

This project was made possible through a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.



Ingenuity Comedy Stage
Friday, September 14
Warehouse 32 – Loading Dock

8PM Puterbaugh Sisters opening for Beth Stelling

This hour of comedy features some incredibly unique comedians. The Puterbaugh Sisters (Tiffany @puterbaughs & Danielle @dputerbaugh) can’t properly be described, but alt-vaudeville-sex kittens is close. Beth Stelling @bethstelling is one of the best human beings in comedy and recently made her TV debut on CONAN! They hosted a variety show (Entertaining Julia) together in Chicago for 6 years that’s basically a weekly ingenuity fest unto itself.

The Chucklefck showcases this year will be co-hosted by Chicago’s Will Miles @mrwillmiles + Cleveland’s Ramon Rivas II @RamonRivasII. The top 16 of the 44 submissions received for this years festival will be performing for a chance to be invited to the Best of Fest wrap show Sunday 9/16 at @Hilarities at 7p with special guests the Sklar Brothers!

9 PM Chucklefck Showcase

David Drake @thedaviddrake, Mike Ivy @mikeivystandup, Danny Kallas @dannykallas Brian Kenny @briankenny69

10 PM

Tyler Jackson @tjaxkson, Drew Michael @drewmcomedy, Erik Cribley @erikcribley, Jeff Arcuri @jeffreyarcuri

11PM Lee Honeycutt opens for Last Call Cleveland

Lee Honeycutt is a true comics comic. He’ll be opening for Cleveland super heroes and dynamic sketch force Last Call Cleveland. Don’t miss what’s sure to be a ‘wigsplosion’

12 PM Unrated Redux

Performers will be invited to come back up and deliver a no holds bar unrated set.

Saturday,  September 15
Warehouse 32 – Loading Dock

8PM Drew Michael opens for Jamie Kilstein

Drew Michael @drewmcomedy is a dark cloud bubbling with sharp cutting comedy out of Chicago. Jamie Kilstein @jamiekilstein is a comedic warrior who’s appeared on Showtime, CONAN and is host of the popular political show Citizen Radio. He’s an active advocate for Occupy Wall Street, veganism and being a righteous stand up comedian.

9PM Chucklefck Showcase

James Fritz @jamesfritzcomic, Mike Joyce @notmikejoyce, Kristin Clifford @kristincliff, Mark Colella

10PM Chucklefck Showcase

Jeff Steinbrunner @jsteinbrunner, Lane Pieschel @notnotlane, Curtis Cook @curtis_cook, Puterbaugh Sisters @puterbaugh @dputerbaugh

11PM Zachariah Durr’s “Fun City”

Written and performed by Zachariah Durr @thezdurr, “Fun City” is a sketch / variety show that will include music, puppets, high theatrics, and general hilarity.

Anything else, you have to bring yourself.

12PM Awkward Sex Show Podcast with Carey Callahan @careycallahan

Each episode we’ll discuss another aspect of this weird uncomfortable nerve-wracking thing we call the Human Sexual Experience. 30% comedy, 30% the kind of therapy you get when you go to the bar with your best friend, and 40% telling embarrassing stories in front of strangers, we only want to make sure all you weirdos understand we’re not alone in being seriously fucking confused by all of this shit.

Episode Topic: Sexuality through comedy, with a panel of performers from the Festival. Guest co-host Drew Michael @drewmcomedy





90 Days of Feeds: Brain Food

For the next 90 days we’ll be creating posts that relate to this year’s theme of Feeds.  Ingenuity artists have looked at this theme from every angle from food to communication to technology.  Read on and see you at Docks 32 and 30, September 14, 15, and 16th in Downtown Cleveland.

Here’s a great article from Saveur that profiles the efforts of Robert Browning Sosman, who created an unusual self-published dining guide  from 1941 – 1962 called  Gustavademecum for the Island of Manhattan: A Check-List of the Best-Recommended or Most Interesting Eating-Places, Arranged in Approximate Order of Increasing Latitude and Longitude.

In each of the guide’s at least 15 editions, Sosman reviewed 300 restaurants, relaying facts like cuisine and cost, as well as esoteric observations like tableside lighting (measured in lumens) and waiters’ estimated IQs. All of it was written in a mashup of mathematical figures, glyphs, Greek, and astrological symbols. A sigma meant there was samba dancing. A lowercase “m” suggested that Madison Avenue types frequented the restaurant; Don Drapers of the day might be found slurping bouillabaisse at Le Provençal.

Read the rest of the article here: Link.

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Legendary DJ Rob Sherwood to Spin for Bal Ingenieux on May 4

“This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to play every genre I’ve ever played all in one night. I really am excited about that. I keep telling people the coolest thing about what I’m going to do here is that it’s going to be everything. And I don’t think I’ve ever had a gig where I could do that.”

Rob Sherwood is learning back on the plush red stairs of a room tucked away in the Halcyon Lodge; a glare reflects off his glasses as he angles his camera phone, one eye squinted with a furrowed brow that reminds anyone in his presence: he is a man of his craft. He snaps photos of the room he’ll be DJing in for Bal Ingenieux to send to Ben Sota, artistic director of the folk art acrobatic troupe Zany Umbrella Circus, who he plans to collaborate with for a mix of sound and visuals at the fundraiser.

Sitting feet away from pillars that connect ceiling to stairs, the space mirrors Sherwood’s stories of spinning at the hot spots like Aquilon that made him a legend of Cleveland nightlife. “There was a 19-piece big band, old people in tuxedos and hipsters dressed to the nines until the freight elevator doors opened and the kids poured in,” he says. “It was the coolest mix.” He speaks with the most affection about the alternative scene that was the Nine of Clubs but even when recounting one of his most decadent residencies, U4IA, he remarks, “It was a time everyone could do their own thing and not step on anyone’s toes. That was every club I did. It was just really inclusive; people came to look at freaky but not to pick on it, or make fun of it, or cause trouble.”


It’s in the midst of relaying his memories of throwing the city’s first raves and the excess, lavish and luxury that his face breaks into a coy half-smile and he says, “But the people who came to support me on a funky Tuesday night were ten times as cool as the people who came to the Saturday night party that was the big thing.” If the Kokoon Arts Club that Bal Ingenieux is inspired by marked a turn-of-the-century bohemian art community, Sherwood may have been their reincarnated hero of the new wave underground.

Sherwood left to pursue his career in New York and will tell you with a laugh that he came back to Cleveland on accident. “I went to New York and lived every single DJ dream I ever had,” he recalls, “All of my heroes were coming out of the studio at night saying, ‘I just cut a disc, I want you to play it’ – my heroes. Not just some guys, my DJ and producer heroes. Every club I ever dreamed of wanting to work at, I worked at.”


Even for someone who made a name for himself in a culture based on breaking rules, in true DJ form Sherwood’s greatest excitement about Bal Ingenieux is having no restrictions, no rules or style guidelines to what he has to play. “This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to play every genre I’ve ever played all in one night. I really am excited about that. I keep telling people the coolest thing about what I’m going to do here is that it’s going to be everything. And I don’t think I’ve ever had a gig where I could do that.”

Rob Sherwood DJs Bal Ingenieux, May 4 at the Halcyon Lodge, from 9:30 P.M. until 1 A.M.

About Ingenuity
Ingenuity’s mission is to ignite the creative spark where the arts, science, and technology intersect. By animating Cleveland’s urban spaces with world-class, innovative experiences, Ingenuity provides a unique platform to explore the boundaries of art and technology.

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