From the PD: Team NEO study projects economic boost from Ingenuityfest, Gordon Square Arts District

Julie Washington wrote a terrific piece on the economic boost from arts events.  We had put out a press release on the TeamNEO study and are delighted to see that Washington included information on other Cleveland arts organizations.  It’s also great to see the comments.  While comments tend to veer into soapbox territory, some are truly insightful.   Here’s one from ‘Peet’

Ingenuity Fest is a bigger key to the growth of the whole city than most people realize. It’s new location inside the Detroit-Superior Bridge makes it unique in the world. If you invited someone from New York, Los Angeles, D.C. or even Japan to come see it, they would leave amazed and tell their friends about how crazy awesome Cleveland is.

Thanks Peet.  We think you’re crazy awesome!  So invite some of those friends from New York, Los Angeles, & DC.  Or Pittsburgh, Detroit, Columbus…

A Town Called Panic (?)

No, it’s not the latest commentary on Cleveland. It’s a lovely animated film at this year’s Cleveland International Film Festival. We liked it so much that we decided to become a Community Sponsor. What does A Town Called Panic have to do with Ingenuity? Do we really have to answer that question? Ingenuity is about bringing to light work that is rarely or never seen. This is a work by two animators that are very popular in Europe but are never screened here. Now’s your chance Cleveland!

We’ll be there on March 27th and 28th and you should be too! Read more about it here at the CIFF website.

Check out Kenneth Turan’s review of the film:

A Town Called Panic (Panique au village)

Parachuting cows, snowball-throwing penguin machines, tidal waves, exploding houses, and pilfering sea creatures. If that doesn’t intrigue you, what else will? Such is A TOWN CALLED PANIC, the imagination-come-to-life of creative masterminds Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar. A true adventure story of three improbable plastic friends — Horse, Cowboy, and Indian — this French film cleverly employs the use of stop-motion animation to create a visual playground for adults and children alike. This delightfully odd comedy begins as Cowboy and Indian devise a haphazard plan for Horse’s birthday, in which everything that can go wrong does just that. Inevitably, the three friends lose their house and must journey through a parallel universe to take it back from the sneaky undersea hellions that stole it. Along the way they are continuously met with hilarious obstacles in which both their bravery and resilience are put to the test. A TOWN CALLED PANIC is a film you won’t be able to look away from and its wacky amusement will leave you smiling well past leaving the theater. (In French with subtitles) – M.M.

Brite Winter Festival – Saturday, February 27, 2010, 5-10pm

Brite Winter Festival Saturday, February 27, 2010, 5-10pm

Forecast: 30 F and snowy.  Perfect for a winter festival

Join us as we celebrate winter in Cleveland (yes, you heard that right, we’re celebrating – take that Forbes!) at the Brite Winter Festival on Saturday from 5 – 10pm in the Flats!

Cleveland bands, Cleveland sponsors, Cleveland food, Cleveland Plays, Cleveland neighborhood and community groups, and Cleveland artists make this event, well, very Cleveland.  And that’s a very good thing.

There is honestly too much being offered to go into in this short blurb, but here are the highlights:

Music: This Moment in Black History with the Uncanny Xe La and The Hot Rails.

Art: Lots of local artists displaying and creating all sorts of cool stuff, including a BlowUp PopUp Chill Dome.  What is that, you ask?

Fire: Self-explanatory and totally necessary

Food: Warm drinks and eats from Gypsy Bean Coffee & Baking.  Italian goodness and cheap booze from Sainato’s Restaurant.

Sporting fun: Cornhole organized by Cleveland Plays, giant skeeball, ice bocce ball, chalkboard graffiti, Bridge War snowball fight reenactment.

For more details, visit us at or on Facebook.

Stay warm and be cool in The Best Location in the Nation at Brite Winter Festival.  Hope to see you there!

The nitty-gritty:

The FREE festival will take place at the corner of Columbus and Merwin on the East Bank of the Flats at Hart Crane Memorial Park, near Hoopple’s and the lift bridge.  For a map and directions, click here.  Parking is $1 at the lot on the corner of Columbus and Center.  Flat Iron Café will be running a shuttle bus to and from the event and around the Flats.  The event runs from 5pm until 10pm.

Presented by Pop Up City, CWRU graduate and professional students, the Ohio Canal Corridor, Sainato’s Restaurant, and the Flats-Oxbow Association.

Don't Miss: Hammer Regatta This Weekend

The Hammer Regatta is a unique blend of athletics, music and art being held this Sunday at St. Ignatius’ Murphy Field House from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Hammer has partnered with members of the Cleveland arts community that have been part of recent Ingenuity Festivals. The Hammer is free to attend, and if you decide to participate, your entry fee will go towards the Rivergate Park campaign fund. The Hammer is also serving as a fundraiser for a new home for rowing in Northeast Ohio as the current Cleveland Rowing Foundation boathouse location is currently within the planned footprint of a new casino complex.

For a look at ’36 Views of a Bridge’, a video installation by Alex Boxerbaum that will be shown above the competition line, click on the below links:,

The Hammer has also secured the services of Andrew Kaletta, director of lighting for Oberlin College’s theater department and technical lighting advisor to Morrison Dance. Andrew has been involved with many Ingenuity Festivals and his efforts will create a unique visual landscape for the Hammer. There will also be a DJ playing music that H.S. and college kids have requested when they registered for the Hammer. Each of the 26 competition ergs will be linked to a computer and large display screen, allowing spectators to view the race (typ. 8 minutes long) and position of individual participants as the race progresses. Hammer promoter Jim Ridge promises there is nothing quite like watching 4 kids tied with 500 meters to go sprinting for the finish line.

More information on the Hammer can be found at
Link to Rivergate Park fundraising campaign is at
Link to video from the 2010 Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships (to give you an idea of what an ergatta is)

Also check out the ‘Hastily Made Hammer Promotional Video’. Hammer staff had a lot of fun making it as they are just a bunch of rowing fans that want to throw a fun indoor rowing party in February for their fellow Clevelanders.

Please feel free to share this information with folks you think would be interested in this unique event, and I GREATLY appreciate you assistance in spreading the Hammerword. See you Sunday!

Help Vote Ingenuity as #1 Festival in Cleveland

We’ve got nothing against the National Hamburger Festival, but we think we’re tops when it comes to Festivals in the area. Here’s the thing…somehow we were overlooked in the nominations for Best Festival in Cleveland from Metromix! Here’s how you can help us rectify the situation:

Go to this link:

And ‘write-in’ Ingenuity in the comments section. Or vote for the Hamburger festival. We don’t want to sway the democratic process, just keep people informed. But seriously, write-in Ingenuity.

Also, if you could include in your comment so much the better. Something along the lines of “I really enjoyed the Hamburger festival, but check out Those folks know how to put on a non-hamburger festival.”

That’ll do just fine… Thanks!