ING IRL (Ingenuity In Real Life): Meet Amanda!

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Amanda is one of our IngenuityLabs coordinators and an Ingeneer! A multi-media artist, she loves playing with color and focuses much of her 2-D art on abstract “flow” arts.  Amanda mixes her background in religious studies and art history into her art life through the creation of large-scale installations that center around liminal spaces like hallways and entryways.  Amanda also crafts movement as a flow dance performer when she has time around her other creative pursuits!

What Does Amanda Have to Say About Her Work with Ingenuity?

“Ingenuity has been nothing short of empowering.  Since my first day, my voice has been heard, my ideas have been given life and support, my skills have been nurtured and grown.  I see the world as being full of possibilities now, not limitations.  Talent, knowledge, and passion are shared by people from all walks of life, all career paths, all interest groups.  I’ve been able to build amazing things and watched others take joy and wonder from those creations.  I have a place, a safe space, a world where being different is exactly what everyone wants to see, and a community that gives back tenfold to all of my contributions.  And I’ve been able to share the magic with others, to watch it spread and grow, to help people who, like me, never imagined a place like this existed.  Ingenuity is a home to EVERYone that no only takes us in, but helps us to become our best selves.”

ING IRL (Ingenuity in Real Life): Meet Arron!

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Arron Bound, who you might also know by his artist name, No Numbers, is one of our amazing Ingeneers! He is a photographer and has been part of four group – and three individual – exhibitions. Arron has also recently produced two music shows. Truly a man of many talents!

What does Arron have to say about his time at Ingenuity?

“I knew I wanted to be part of Ingenuity after attending the festival in 2017. I was interested in meeting people of this community to create new connections, learn some new skills, and most of all create/build awesome pieces of art for people to enjoy. The experiences that I’ve had there in the last two years as an Ingeneer have been invaluable for my personal growth as an artist. The new partnerships I’ve made have had a big impact on my artistic career. Ingenuity is a collection of creatives with varying degrees of experience who are willing to share their knowledge. Our collaboration creates bonds that are hard to replicate outside of Ingenuity. I’ve watched these new partnerships create artistic endeavors that spread even further out into the community. Ingenuity is an incubator of creative people that come together to create works of art and then spread out with new purpose.”

ING IRL (Ingenuity In Real Life): Meet Kenny!

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 Kenny is the founder and Executive Director of RollinBuckeyez Foundation – an organization with the mission of providing social and recreational activities to children and families to strengthen bonds and proactively address health and wellness. Those of you who came to IngenuityFest will recognize his pop-up roller rink – how fun was that?!

Kenny is also the recipient of our Ignite! Impact Award – a microgrant that supports creative entrepreneurs like Kenny.

What Does Kenny Have to Say About Ingenuity?

“I am so grateful to Ingenuity for giving our organization the opportunity to continue to learn and grow through the education provided through the Ignite! program. The ability to have our roller rink showcased at IngenuityFest is incredible – and the impact on RollinBuckeyez has been amazing. Our relationship with Ingenuity has opened even more doors and helped us create lasting relationships with partners and with the community. I never would have imagined we’d become a part of such a welcoming, collaborative group, and it has been a wonderful experience. I feel so accepted and in my element when at Ingenuity.”

If you’d also like to support RollinBuckeyez Foundation this Giving Tuesday, please visit

IngenuityFest 2019: Music Lineup Announced!

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! We are so thrilled to announce our 2019 IngenuityFest music lineup! There will be something for everyone at IngenuityFest: Dreamscapes, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Stay tuned to our website for stage schedules, which will be posted as we get closer to the Festival!

IngenuityFest: Dreamscapes – Featured Programming Announced!

IngenuityFest 2019: Dreamscapes will take place on September 27 – 29 at the Hamilton Collaborative (5401 Hamilton Avenue) in St. Clair-Superior. 

Ingenuity Cleveland ignites the creative spark among artists, makers, and entrepreneurs, through joy and collaboration. IngenuityFest 2019: Dreamscapes celebrates the organization’s 15th year by bringing you an entire fantasy, vividly imagined, waiting behind the doors of the 350,000-square-foot Hamilton Collaborative. 

The 2019 Festival will include mainstage headliners Speedy Ortiz (Friday), King Buffalo (Saturday). The Dock Stage will feature Cold City Sol (Friday) and The Admirables (Saturday). 

20,000 art-lovers, creatives, young professionals & families will enjoy favorite offerings like the hands-on Maker’s Mecca and Vendor Village.  Children of all ages can enjoy imaginative activities from the youth-focused Ingenuity Dreamland & Imaginarium, and adults can visit our late-night Ingenuity Cabaret for a taste of something a bit more raucous.

New in 2019 are the sustainability-focused exhibits of IngenuiTree Isle, featuring Lettuce Tree Farms and Drink Local Drink Tap; and Wellness Way on the never-before-seen third floor, where attendees can focus on the health of mind, body, and spirit. The Dreamer’s Tavern will feature local speakers from Cleveland’s Creative Arts Network and beyond, in partnership with Ingenuity’s Ignite! program. 


Official site for the inaugural Cleveland Photo Festival, presenting CLEVELAND: THE RHYTHM OF FASHION with Anastasia Pantsios, Ron Knerem & Eartha Goodwin. Curated by Laura D’Alessandro and Jacci Hammer.

Curated short films in our one-of-a-kind mini theater, by Emerge Microcinema

Special showing of Roger Titley’s Creatures, in partnership with BorderLight International Theater and Fringe Festival 

Indoor Roller Disco, by IngenuityLabs Ignite Impact Award Winner Rollin’ Buckeyez Foundation

Dance Collaborations with Inlet Dance Theatre, NEOS Dance Theatre, and Cleveland Dance Project, plus Ingenuity-produced original multimedia epic journey, Dream Stāt, with Muséus Project and Be Fitness & Aerial Studio

Ingenuity Cabaret and Circus Favorites Shanty Circus, Stardrop Circus and the Beezy Douglas Carnivale

Immersive Exhibits by the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland, Young Entrepreneurs’ Market by the Young Entrepreneurship Institute, and fine craft furniture exhibit in partnership with F*Sho

Three-story Dream Machine stage featuring Tesla Orchestra, Plasmosis and OPUS 216

This Is Ingenuity | A BEAUTIFUL Dreamer’s Bal May 4, 2019!

THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME OUT! A few photos from Jerry Mann, Kevin Jackson, Bob Perkoski, Michael McFarland . . . More to Come!

Ingenuity’s annual fundraiser is an off-kilter gala unlike anything else in town! Once known as the Bal Ingenieux, the yearly spring event now boasts a different theme with each incarnation, featuring the region’s artists, makers, and creatives while paying homage to Cleveland’s exclusive arts club that dominated modernist arts in the city from the 1910s until the 1940s. The Kokoon Club’s annual “Bal Masque” challenged artistic norms with the most unconventional parties around. 

Today, Ingenuity’s Bal supports our year-round programming in an exciting and creative way. Experience one-of-a-kind immersive artwork, live music and performance, local food and drink, all while contributing to the creation of a year-round center for innovation that supports creative entrepreneurs and welcomes the entire community with open doors.

Thanks to all who attending in support free weekly programming for the neighborhood and creatives alike, the new Ignite! sessions for entrepreneurs, IngenuityLabs Incubator, as well as our annual collaborations with the partners of the Hamilton Collaborative, . . .  become part of Cleveland’s home for creativity!

What will I behold in my Wildest Dreams?
Visitors will enter unique second-floor space of our hundred-year-old factory to find a dreamscape filled with larger-than-life artwork, including a bedroom that shrinks guests to ankle level and floating dreamboats that explore the idea of “what your bed becomes while you sleep” . . . climb aboard pirate ships, snuggle in a giant birds nest, let your dreams roar to life in a race car, or float amid the crowd in a hot air balloon.   

Musical guests range from the intimate – Taylor Lamborn and Uno Lady perform solo – to the extravagant funk-focused New Orleans Style Jazz of Revolution Brass Band.    We’ll also feature Gypsy-Jazz project Moustache Yourself, neo-soul groove project Nah Nah (think: Postmodern Jukebox) and, to make sure no one leaves before dancing the night away, the irresistible jams of  DJ Byron SquareBiz Lee.  

Performances will include dance offerings from Get Hep! Swing and Viva Dance Studio, plus the quirky roaming characters of Nerdy Dancers of the CLEFire and Light Performing Art, and Sam Novak, performance artist. Enjoy dazzling Aerial and Pole performance from the strong and sultry students of Be Studios/Be Fitness. Plus immersive meditation from Selfspace.

Libations, Little Bites, and Other Partnerships We’re thrilled to present a range of custom cocktails from our friends at Watershed Distillery, plus new flavors and classic favorites from Platform Beer

And we couldn’t be happier to announce a new partnership with Ohio City Galley, the foodhall-meets-incubator bringing offerings from all four kitchens: Poca, Sauce the City, Tinman, and The Rice Shop! Enjoy sweets from Pierre’s and Sweet Costo, and commemorate the evening with a special snapshot from the themed photobooth built by Liza Sue Productions.

Multimedia Installations include projections by Kevin Jackson and Ross Bochnek, the Artwork of Amanda Nyx, Michael McFarland, John Kasunich, Tom Stoll, Paige Knoefel, Ian Keating-Mullaney, Adam Patterson, Ryan Kinney, and many more talented artists who work every week with The Ingeneers.

Attendees should plan to wear “the costume of their dreams” . . . whether dreamwear means the fantastical trappings of knights and princesses and fairies, the Sandman’s ensemble or garb of a monster under the bed, or even cozy PJ’s! We’d love you to consider the environment in creating your costume – visit our friends from Upcycle Parts Shop and mention “Ingenuity Dreamer’s Bal” for a special discount!All ticket sales support Ingenuity Cleveland’s low-cost, accessible year-round community programming! Purchase now! 

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