ING IRL (Ingenuity in Real Life): Meet José!

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Ingenuity relies on a team of contractors, volunteers, and Ingeneers to create events like IngenuityFest, and keep our warehouse space functioning year-round. We wanted to introduce you to one of our crew, our site manager, José!

He’s a jack-of-all-trades who can fix a plumbing leak and then go on to paint a beautiful piece. His background is vast, and his energy contagious.

Here’s what he has to say about working with Ingenuity:

“At times when I have been asked where I’m from, I tell them I’m “A World Citizen” because I don’t have an easy/short answer. I’ve been so many places in my life and all have been a world apart from each other, so to speak. But I learned from all of them. Now I’m here at Cleveland enjoying being one part of what Ingenuity is accomplishing.

Marcus Aurelius said: ‘The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.’ In other words, one of the points of life is to be a free thinker, and Ingenuity Cleveland has many of these people. Why wouldn’t I hang out here, right?

There are many other reasons of why Ingenuity is important to me but it would be a long list, haha.”

ING IRL (Ingenuity in Real Life): Meet Holly!

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Our board members are active Clevelanders striving to make our region a fun, vibrant place to live, and they see Ingenuity as an important partner in doing so!

Who Is Holly?

She’s an attorney and volunteer. In addition to serving on Ingenuity’s board, she also serves on the board of the Children’s Museum of Cleveland and Old Trail School. Her hobbies include enjoying Cleveland’s spectacular nightlife and food and art scene, spending time with family, and traveling.

What Drew Her to Ingenuity?

“As an attorney, not much of my day job was focused on the creative or arts.  I got involved with Ingenuity to give back to a city I love, do what I could to help make it a more vibrant place, and to participate in the creative scene.”

ING IRL (Ingenuity in Real Life): Meet Chris McNulty!

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Who is Chris?

Chris McNulty served as Community Engagement Coordinator for the LGBT Community Center for 16 glorious months before relocating to Key West, FL for a new adventure. He is an activist, knitter, astrologer, and life-long seeker of new truths.

What does Chris have to say about working with Ingenuity?

“The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland was thrilled to have an educational and immersive installation at Ingenuity Fest 2019 for the second year in a row. The folks an Ingenuity Fest were so welcoming and supportive, with creative ideas, materials, time, and encouragement. It was also through the incredible staff at Ingenuity Fest that we were able to make a connection with the Queer Student Alliance at Cleveland State University to develop and implement our installation, ‘The Out House.’ Ingenuity Fest provided the LGBT Center with the opportunity to reach Clevelanders beyond our regular channels to educate and celebrate LGBTQ+ identities in a creative space.”

ING IRL (Ingenuity in Real Life): Meet Lisa C!

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Who is Lisa?

Meet Lisa Curll! She’s a business analyst at Dominion Energy, where she coordinates Workplace Sustainability programs. She started Dominion’s first-ever corporate composting program with Rust Belt Riders last year, and to date has offset over 50,000 pounds of food waste from landfill across their territory. 

Why Did Lisa Get Involved with Ingenuity?

“I joined the Ingenuity Cleveland board earlier this year because I believe in the collaborative artistic community we are building. I love working on projects and seeing new faces – from accomplished artists and musicians to newbies – building their visions and making their dreams come to life in our maker spaces.”

ING IRL (Ingenuity In Real Life): Meet Amanda!

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Amanda is one of our IngenuityLabs coordinators and an Ingeneer! A multi-media artist, she loves playing with color and focuses much of her 2-D art on abstract “flow” arts.  Amanda mixes her background in religious studies and art history into her art life through the creation of large-scale installations that center around liminal spaces like hallways and entryways.  Amanda also crafts movement as a flow dance performer when she has time around her other creative pursuits!

What Does Amanda Have to Say About Her Work with Ingenuity?

“Ingenuity has been nothing short of empowering.  Since my first day, my voice has been heard, my ideas have been given life and support, my skills have been nurtured and grown.  I see the world as being full of possibilities now, not limitations.  Talent, knowledge, and passion are shared by people from all walks of life, all career paths, all interest groups.  I’ve been able to build amazing things and watched others take joy and wonder from those creations.  I have a place, a safe space, a world where being different is exactly what everyone wants to see, and a community that gives back tenfold to all of my contributions.  And I’ve been able to share the magic with others, to watch it spread and grow, to help people who, like me, never imagined a place like this existed.  Ingenuity is a home to EVERYone that no only takes us in, but helps us to become our best selves.”

ING IRL (Ingenuity in Real Life): Meet Arron!

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Arron Bound, who you might also know by his artist name, No Numbers, is one of our amazing Ingeneers! He is a photographer and has been part of four group – and three individual – exhibitions. Arron has also recently produced two music shows. Truly a man of many talents!

What does Arron have to say about his time at Ingenuity?

“I knew I wanted to be part of Ingenuity after attending the festival in 2017. I was interested in meeting people of this community to create new connections, learn some new skills, and most of all create/build awesome pieces of art for people to enjoy. The experiences that I’ve had there in the last two years as an Ingeneer have been invaluable for my personal growth as an artist. The new partnerships I’ve made have had a big impact on my artistic career. Ingenuity is a collection of creatives with varying degrees of experience who are willing to share their knowledge. Our collaboration creates bonds that are hard to replicate outside of Ingenuity. I’ve watched these new partnerships create artistic endeavors that spread even further out into the community. Ingenuity is an incubator of creative people that come together to create works of art and then spread out with new purpose.”