Ingenuity Conference: Living in the Cloud

Increasingly, we are living, working, and playing in a world not rooted on the ground. Cloud-based technology allows us to move more easily and access huge amounts of data, but how is it changing our lives. Is it always for the better. And how much of our trust, as human beings, are we putting in this network. We have a panel of technologists, artists, and representatives of community groups to discuss this topic.


CJ Lynce
Manager, TechCentral – Cleveland Public Library

Tom Miller
Community Technology Executive

Vipin Gupta
Chief Information Officer for Key Community Bank CIO

Steve Felix
Cleveland Game Developers

Erica Mott

Dancer / Choreographer

Nick Berendt
Director of Studio and Labss at Lean Dog

Ingenuity Conference: Making Wellness

Part of Ingenuity’s mission is to explore the space where humanity and technology connect.  On aspect of that intersection is in wellness.  How are new technologies making us healthier?  How is our approach to technology changing as it becomes more integrated with our bodies?  How is the healthcare industry changing as technology has become a lot less ‘top down’?

We’re exploring these questions with a panel aimed at creating unlikely conversations between medical professionals, makers, artists, designers, and innovators.

Mel McGee
President, imageNation Web Experts

Kano Mayer
Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic

Gary Galbraith
Founder/Director of the Dancer Wellness Project and Professor of Dance at Case Western Reserve University

Jason Tilk
Senior Designer at Nottingham Spirk

Rick Pollack
President of MakerGear

Brian Bowles
CEO of Blackwolf Tactical

Ingenuity Podcast: TXT Me Move Me

Alyssa Lee Wilmot discusses TXT Me Move Me, an interactive movement piece featured at IngenuityFest 2011.  Wilmot’s group A dance explores movement not only in dance and by dancers, but normal people in normal situation.  TXT Me Move Me at Ingenuity is a perfect example of this kind of work.  Wilmot and her crew collected cell phone numbers from Ingenuity attendees under the guise of a corporate promotion.  Then they sent texts  out live giving movement instructions.  In this podcast, Wilmot talks about the work at Ingenuity and her thoughts on technology as art and art as technology.

Ingenuity Podcast: Interview with Erica Mott

Erica Mott presented The Victory Project at IngenuityFest 2011. This is an interview between James Krouse, director of programming for IngenuityFest, and Mott about the piece and the experience of presenting it at the Festival.  Chuck Karnak and the Ingenuity Crew created a truly unique experience in the center span of the bridge allowing dancers to move through the crowds and still be lit.  Dance 100ft above the Cuyahoga river was a true Ingenuity moment.