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IngenuityFest 2016: FRIDAY SCHEDULE

Take a look at all we’ve got going on as we kick off the weekend! Need even more information? Check out our entire program below!  

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IngenuityFest 2016: SATURDAY SCHEDULE

Saturday is our loooongest day of the Fest so plan accordingly! Check out our official schedules and program below.  

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A Costume Fit for the Bal 05 23 (1)

A Costume Fit for the Bal – Create your DREAM costume!!

Week 1: Fashion Illustration and Ideation: May 4 Hear the process of fashion creation from a local Cleveland fashion designer.  You will be taken through the process, from initial inspiration, conception of an idea for an outfit or a piece, how that builds into a plan and that plan becomes a finished piece worn by themselves […]

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Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 8.40.45 PM

See Rain Fall by Akimitsu Sadoi LED Artist

When asked, Akimitsu Sadoi defined the concept of “ingenuity” as “the basis or answer or solution to the creativity. You need to be able to come up with the solution, it’s the word that describes times that can come up with the solution.” Sadoi is just one of close to forty artists exhibiting work at […]

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Ingenuity is all about exploring the space where humanity and technology meet.  Artists, inventors, and innovators come together at our annual Festival to explore these ideas and play with literally tens of thousands of people.  But Ingenuity is building on this relationship with year-round events that bring together creative technologists, performers, artists, and others.  Past […]

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