A Costume Fit for the Bal – Create your DREAM costume!!

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Week 1: Fashion Illustration and Ideation: May 4

Hear the process of fashion creation from a local Cleveland fashion designer.  You will be taken through the process, from initial inspiration, conception of an idea for an outfit or a piece, how that builds into a plan and that plan becomes a finished piece worn by themselves or their customers.

Breaking into smaller groups, you will view and discuss creative sources of inspiration, share ideas for ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed outfits and be led by a fashion illustrator to help you put your ideas on paper.

Week 2: Styling & Sourcing: May 11

Hear the process of putting an outfit or costume together from Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool.  She will discuss the various considerations when creating an outfit which determines what pieces you will make and what pieces you can buy.  She will discuss proportions, color and materials for your costume and offer insider tips on sourcing those pieces on a budget.

Breaking into smaller groups, we will break down your outfit into a list of what you will need to assemble your ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed outfit.  From there, we will decide what components will be convenient for you to find, where to source these… including the dollar store, our own wardrobes and local craft stores.  And what components we will make.  You will come away with a list of the materials required to take your costume or outfit to the next level of assembly and creation.

Week 3: Creation – Upcycling: May 18

Learn and be inspired to find old treasures and give them a second lease of life.  Hear from Faith McFluff, performer extraordinaire and maker of Stuff by Faith McFluff.  She will provide upcycling insider tips on what to look for, where to find it and what can be achieved on a tight budget.  She will be showcasing some of her creations as inspiration for your ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed costumes and outfits.

You are asked to bring in old garments, fabrics, accessories and trinkets that yourself and other participants can transform into costumes.  In smaller groups, we will review what has been brought along, select some pieces to work with and create practical plans to bring your idea to life with those materials.  It is now that your costume or garment will begin to come to life.

Week 4: Creation – Stitch & Craft: May 25

Enjoy creating in this final workshop which focuses on the practical elements of fashion and costume creating.  Katie Simmons, founder of the Hildebrandt Artist Collective and LSNS will be providing inspiration and practical advice on upcycling your materials into ‘Enchanted Forest’ costumes and outfits.  Katie will walk you through a range of different techniques and transformations to create wearable garments without spending a fortune.

By this point, you will have your costume planned and will have all or most of the materials required for your costume.  We will have a team of experienced fashion and textile artists to help you individually with your design.  In smaller groups, we will focus on particular craft areas that you need for your costume.  The experts will be sharing their skills and knowledge with you to bring your costume or garment to life.

PRESS RELEASE: Ingenuity honors CWRU’s Sears think[box] at fifth annual Bal Ingénieux, June 4

For Immediate Release

Annie Weiss, Ingenuity Cleveland

Ingenuity honors Case Western Reserve University’s Sears Thinkbox at fifth annual Bal Ingénieux, June 4

Cleveland, OH (May 9, 2016) – Ingenuity Cleveland will bestow its inaugural Innovator’s Award to Case Western Reserve University’s Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears Thinkbox at the fifth annual Bal Ingénieux—a celebration of the creative class—on June 4 at the Tenk Building in the Flats.

“Sears Thinkbox was chosen for this award because of the significant impact and contribution it has made to the creative community as well as Cleveland’s overall innovation landscape,” said Paula Grooms, Ingenuity’s Executive Director. This seven-story, 50,000-square-foot facility gives students, faculty, alumni and the general public the opportunity to tinker, prototype and invent. Officially opened to the public on October 1, 2015, it has since become a beehive of activity, seeing 5,000 visits a month.

“Our University always had big dreams for the Sears Thinkbox,” said Malcolm Cooke, Thinkbox’s Executive Director. “The reality, however, has surpassed our expectations. The stories of collaboration, creativity, and engagement among members of our internal AND external community are inspiring. We can’t wait to see what will happen next in that building!”

Bal Ingénieux will be held in partnership with Tenk West Bank and Market Restaurant at the Tenk Building (2111 Center St.) in the emerging Flats neighborhood. Bal Ingénieux is based on the famed Kokoon Arts Club parties of the early 20th century and, in the spirit of Kokoon, Ingenuity encourages attendees to come in costume, though it is not required.

Attendees interested in designing and fabricating their own costumes can sign up for any of Ingenuity’s costume workshops in partnership with Antidote Cleveland and Bounce Night Club. Every Wednesday during the month of May, Antidote will lead the workshops at Bounce (2814 Detroit Ave.) from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Workshops are $15 each or $50 for all four (which also includes Patron-level admission to Bal Ingénieux).

Local artists interested in set building and painting can attend Ingenuity’s free workshops Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons in May at the Tenk Building.

Visit www.ingenuitycleveland.com for details, to register for either workshop and to purchase Bal Ingénieux tickets, which range from $25 to $150.

About Ingenuity:
Ingenuity highlights the creativity and innovation that make Cleveland a vibrant place to live. We ignite the spark where the arts, science, and technology intersect. By animating Cleveland’s urban spaces with world-class experiences, Ingenuity provides a unique platform for exploring the boundaries across these sectors. We do this through our outreach programs, partnerships and events including our annual IngenuityFest.

Ingenuity is now entering its 12th season and is funded by the George Gund Foundation, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, and the Ohio Arts Council as well as many other businesses, non-profits, and private individuals. The three-day IngenuityFest, which currently creates a combined economic impact of $4.5 million to Cleveland’s economy, will return in September 2016.

About the Sears Thinkbox at CWRU:
The Sears Thinkbox, an interdisciplinary, open space at Case Western Reserve University, focuses on changing the economic and social culture of the University and region by emphasizing cross-discipline and cross-institution collaborative endeavors that push creativity and innovation to their limits. Sears Thinkbox provides a project-based learning environment where students from all courses of study have an opportunity to understand how innovation and creativity can lead to economic and social advancement. This exposure encourages entrepreneurial thinking among our students, who will then be poised to become the leaders and innovators of the future. Simultaneously, Sears Thinkbox creates an entrepreneurial environment where these ideas can be nurtured, developed, funded, and commercialized.

Call for Makers Now Open

Ingenuity and Cleveland Public Library Announce 3rd Annual Cleveland Mini Maker Faire

Cleveland, OH – (February 20, 2015) Ingenuity and the Cleveland Public Library announce the third annual Cleveland Mini Maker Faire (CMMF) to be held on June 6th from 10am to 6pm at the Library’s downtown branch (325 Superior Ave. E, Cleveland, OH 44114). Admission is free and open to the public.

This event showcases creativity, innovation, and interactivity from all segments of the maker community including crafts, technology, art, hands-on activities, and more. The CMMF will allow people of all ages to learn, discover, create, and play along with makers from the region’s business, non-profit, and scholastic sectors.

A call for participants is currently open. Individuals, groups, or organizations that would like to demonstrate inventions, crafts, innovations, technology, or creations are invited to apply. To apply, please visit www.makerfairecleveland.com.

“We’re very excited to be partnering again with the Cleveland Public Library this year,” said Paula Grooms, Ingenuity’s Executive Director. “Maker Faires are part of a national trend that are inspiring creativity and industry growth and we are very fortunate to have major institutions like the Library supporting this movement.”

“This event allows us to continue to fulfill our goal to redefine the library as a resource for exploration and inspiration,” said Aaron Mason, the Cleveland Public Library’s Programming Director. “Last year, the CMMF was the single largest one-day event held in the Library’s history, so we’re anxious to see if we can try and break that record!”



Ingenuity’s Make Space

A huge hit at this year’s Festival was the Make Space.  Partnering with individuals and organizations like Makers Alliance and the United States Fab Lab Network, Ingenuity created a zone where education, inspiration, and just plain showing off could happen.  The Maker movement is definitely is definitely in Ingenuity’s past and future.

Now in its 3rd year, the  Cleveland Mini Maker Faire is always a hit at the Cleveland Public Library. (This year’s date June 6, 2015)! Have something you want to showcase? You can always reach our call for makers here.

Learn, create, and be inspired by this assembly of creative Makers.  Watch a robot create art or fashion some of your own.  Learn about everything from 3D printers to laser cutters to soldering irons.  Just what is a Maker?  Come and be surprised.  You may already be one.

Past projects have included dozens of technology focused collaborations, including:

Fab Labs at Ingenuity’s Make Space

Cleveland and the North Coast are hotbeds of digital fabrication.  They are home to MIT-inspired “Fab Labs” (fabrication laboratories) where users can make almost anything.

At IngenuityFest 2012 and 2013, the United States Fab Lab Network (USLFN) sponsored several displays and demonstrations.  The biggest was the MC2 STEM’s mobile Fab Lab—a 32’ NASCAR trailer decorated in Cleveland and equipped with the latest computer hardware and software for cutting, adding, shaping, 3D printing, and electronics.  Around it was a perimeter of tables for small businesses that got their starts in a Fab Lab.  Several machines were in the center ring to make personalized artifacts on the spot under supervision of students and other skilled Fab users.


Arduino Workshop
Makers Alliance

Participants have joined the Makers Alliance, Cleveland’s original hacker space, in some guerrilla engineering! We’ve offered Arduino workshops in embedded electronics throughout the weekend. People were able to make lights blink, alarms sound, sequence MIDI notes, and gain access to badge-secured area with the Makers Alliance at Ingenuity Festival and at partner spaces like the Shaker Launchhouse and Case Western’s think[box]!

More information at the Makers Alliance wiki: http://wiki.makersalliance.org/display/MAB/Ingenuity+Festival

This installation was made possible through the support of Dominion.  Thank you!

Feed Creativity
created by the team at Faber-Castell

The “Feed Creativity” space invited creative minds of all ages to participate in arts and crafts.  This space was dedicated to adult and children’s hands-on art and crafts. Children worked with crafts and activities from Creativity for Kids and Faber-Castell’s Premium Children’s Art Products while adults worked with Design Memory Craft’s Mix & Match products at our Craft Bar, or sample Faber-Castell’s famous professional fine art line established in 1761 in Germany.

Faber-Castell is a global company with offices around the world, with US headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio. They are world renowned for creative products and dedicated to bringing you creative products based on our founding principles of: Best of Class Quality, Innovation and social responsibility.

Learn more at www.FaberCastell.com.