2010 Call to Artists

Ingenuity has always been about bringing together artists and urban landscapes. With the move to the bridge in 2010, possibilities are greatly expanded. From dark tunnels, to subterranean lakes, to expansive views of the city, we can’t stop thinking about the cool things that could happen in this space. But we want to hear from you….

Our official Call to Artist form is ready to fill our here: Link

The paper version is available here as a Microsoft Word Document: Link

The deadline is May 1, 2010 (if you download a paper application, it can be postmarked May 1 or delivered to our offices by May 1 by noon). BUT BEFORE YOU SUBMIT ANYTHING…

Take some time to get to know the bridge. This is a completely unique space with several venues including:

  • A stage placed in the middle of water collected under the east end of the bridge.
  • Several small stages on either side of the bridge
  • A tunnel extending into darkness
  • Several small black box spaces
  • Nearly a mile of bridge spanning a river
  • A parking lot space that can be viewed from the bridge

We will be conducting artist walkthroughs monthly. All will take place at 1:30PM. Artists can meet James Levin at the Engineers Service Garage on the Superior Viaduct, across from St Malachai Church.

Tour Dates all at 1:30 PM:

  • Friday Dec 18
  • January 22
  • Feb 19
  • March 19
  • April 16

Because this festival is in a more confined space, we will be seeking “site specific” and environmental work and encourage artists to attend one of the tours.

In terms of budgets, this year we’re looking to fund the bulk of projects for under $2,500. Having said that, we are looking one larger-scale installation/exhibit that can bring attention either to the bridge from afar, or something that can course through the entire structure. We would consider funding one larger scale exhibit at a higher level if it grabs out attention.

22 Replies to “2010 Call to Artists”

  1. Hi Jim,

    I’m interested in performing. I’m living in Nashville now but come home occasionally to do some shows. I’d like to perform with my full band (they are in Cleveland with the exception of my bassist who is also in Nashville) at this event. I’ve enjoyed my past performances at Ingenuity and would like to do it again.

    Hope all is well and congrats on the new space. Sounds great.

    Anne E.

  2. Don’t have a website – YET! I teach watercolor painting and drawing (with soft pastels and charcoal) to senior citizens. I’ve taught 50 seniors since 2003. have had a few shows with their art and I assure you, some of this art is beautiful, expressive and colorful. I mat everything into a 16×20 format.
    Let me know what we can add to your artistic landscape. I know we all will be eager to participate.

  3. Hello,
    Do we have to RSVP if we are planning to come to a walk through “tour date”? If so…two of us are coming on Jan. 22nd.

    1. Hello Victor,

      I’m sorry we are just getting back to you. We have received your application….our Committee will begin looking at all applications next month. Someone will be in touch then.

      Thanks for your interest!

  4. I’m a Cleveland artist interested in performing. I am a solo artist but on occasion have about four to six other artists that perform with me at times. Also was wondering if I would have to RSVP for a walk through tour date, and if so, would like to for March 19th. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rick,

      I’m sorry we are just getting back to you…we have received your application and our Curatorial Committee will be looking at all the applications next month. The next Bridge walk through is Friday, April 16th at 1:30 or Saturday, April 17th at 10:00 am.

  5. I filled out a Call to Artists Form about a month ago and I haven’t received any response back… Please contact me and let me know what the next steps are.

    Thank you for your time and help
    Ray Ringwall

  6. Hi. I am organizing an arts festival to benefit my community. We plan on having it next summer. Do you have any suggestions for me?



    1. Hi Anne,

      I have passed your post onto our Founder and Artistic Director, James Levin. He is currently very busy, but promises to get back to you in the next few months.


  7. When will applicants for the Call to Artists find out if they have been selected for the 2010 festival?

    – Ed –

    1. Hi Ed,

      Our deadline has been extended to May 1. Our Curatorial Committee will be meeting in the first few weeks of May to look at all the applications. Someone should be in touch after that.


  8. The question to Jim Levin:
    Do you see the possibility of my performances
    at the Bridge this year?

  9. Hi,
    I attended a Bridge Tour earlier in the year and was wondering when selections for artists were going to be notified. I am still looking forward to this years Ingenuity Fest. Thank you.

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