Gigantic Art Kozmon Mural at Ingenuity

kozmonThe 2013 IngenuityFest will be welcoming back George Kozmon to do a weekend long performance. Known for his large scale paintings, Kozmon will be painting a panoramic monumental image, measuring 8’ x 80’, on-site. The space will be a depiction of alpine tundra consisting of snow, ice, rock, and a cloud-dominated vista. The audience will witness the development and evolution of the image, even though a large amount of preparatory work will have begun on the canvas prior to the festival. Already Kozmon has been drawing up multiple drafts by sketching and working on photoshop.

Kozmon is a Cleveland native who enjoys working on large compositions. Scale has always been an important aspect of his work whether it be 600 square feet or just a couple of square inches of space.

When asked to define the concept of “ingenuity” Kozmon stated, “I think it’s not necessarily the invention of an idea, it’s more of an elaboration of an idea, putting an alternative use to an idea. Taking things that people might do in their own particular realm and recontextualizing.” Furthermore, Kozmon is excited to be working in an atypical venue.
“There is something zen about the process…You aren’t bounded by the venue. Ingenuity highlights that you can do cool things in spaces that you don’t necessarily associate with doing cool things.”

Ingenuity Conference: Living in the Cloud

Increasingly, we are living, working, and playing in a world not rooted on the ground. Cloud-based technology allows us to move more easily and access huge amounts of data, but how is it changing our lives. Is it always for the better. And how much of our trust, as human beings, are we putting in this network. We have a panel of technologists, artists, and representatives of community groups to discuss this topic.


CJ Lynce
Manager, TechCentral – Cleveland Public Library

Tom Miller
Community Technology Executive

Vipin Gupta
Chief Information Officer for Key Community Bank CIO

Steve Felix
Cleveland Game Developers

Erica Mott

Dancer / Choreographer

Nick Berendt
Director of Studio and Labss at Lean Dog

Ingenuity Conference: Making Wellness

Part of Ingenuity’s mission is to explore the space where humanity and technology connect.  On aspect of that intersection is in wellness.  How are new technologies making us healthier?  How is our approach to technology changing as it becomes more integrated with our bodies?  How is the healthcare industry changing as technology has become a lot less ‘top down’?

We’re exploring these questions with a panel aimed at creating unlikely conversations between medical professionals, makers, artists, designers, and innovators.

Mel McGee
President, imageNation Web Experts

Kano Mayer
Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic

Gary Galbraith
Founder/Director of the Dancer Wellness Project and Professor of Dance at Case Western Reserve University

Jason Tilk
Senior Designer at Nottingham Spirk

Rick Pollack
President of MakerGear

Brian Bowles
CEO of Blackwolf Tactical

Ingenuity Announces Call to Industry for Showcase of Innovation


Ingenuity is launching a new program for its 2013 Festival designed to highlight innovation in industry within Northeast Ohio.  The Showcase of Innovation at IngenuityFest 2013, presented by Scene Magazine, will highlight products and services from past and present as well as prototypes that are shaping our future and the world around us. Lincoln Electric is one of several companies already signed up to be a part of the showcase.

For the Showcase of Innovation, Ingenuity is looking for products or services that are ‘game-changers,’ ‘behind the scenes’ technologies that the public typically doesn’t know about, historical ‘firsts,’ small innovations with big impact, and innovations that elicit pride. Companies large and small can participate by submitting posters, sketches, drawings, photos, physical products, demonstrations models, live demonstrations or presentations.

There is no fee to be a part of the showcase (although Ingenuity is seeking sponsors). Space is limited, and entries will be reviewed to create the best showcase possible. To learn more, please visit

Questions can be emailed to James Krouse, Ingenuity Cleveland Artistic Director at or call (216) 650-4942.

Creative Fusion Artist Yun Sabi Opening Performance

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 12.35.17 PM

Ingenuity has been proud to host visiting artist Yun Sabi as part of the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion Program.

Sabi’s opening and one night only performance of Abandoned Room is tonight at the downtown branch of the Cleveland Public Library. It’s free and open to the public. Please RSVP It’s starts at 6PM with a performance at 6:45PM.

You can download a program for the event here.

From Carolyn Jack’s awesome program notes:

In Abandoned Room, Sabi surrounds you with information about a problem that Clevelanders and Koreans share: the homeless and how to cope with their needs. Sabi’s interest in this issue is more than academic, because he grew up with it: His father, left homeless in childhood as a result of the Korean War, and committed to helping others in need, founded an unofficial homeless enclave called the Ragpicker’s Community in Gangnam (yes, that Gangnam, Psyfans), one of Seoul’s richest districts, back in 1986. He and the other members of this community set up an illegal camp on private property, later expanding to a second location on public property under a bridge, where they built illegal shelters and supported themselves by collecting and selling scrap and recyclable materials for 25 years.