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Song for Myself:

Design Lab Early College High School and Ingenuity Cleveland are proud to partner with local Hip Hop group, Young Troubled Minds to create a first-of-its-kind program exploring personal narrative through Hip Hop production as collaboration between school, nonprofit and artists-in-residence.  Song for Myself  engages seniors from Design Lab ECHS class of 2016 in the creation of original works which can serve as a guiding voice – created by the students, for themselves – as they graduate from high school. These seniors will learn to find inspiration for music in their own life experiences, develop an eye and ear for detail, become creative writers, performance poets, and eventually, recording artists.

This semester-long residency will allow artists-in-residence Young Troubled Minds to work on focused and additive programming twice per month with the senior class in order to write, edit, produce and perform an original mix-tape, while also engaging the broader student population.

Agents of Ingenuity Introduction

Introducing our live conversation series at the Bop Stop @ the Music Settlement, and meet the Design Lab team.

Agents of Ingenuity – Ep. 1

Sean Wheeler and Eric Juli, Education Innovators, talk about Design Lab’s plans for a school that approaches project-based learning differently.

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