Ingenuity Fundraising Bash: Friday May 4th

Ingenuity is channeling the spirits of the Kokoon Arts Club with its first annual Bal Ingenieux. This one night only event takes the audience through an amazing journey of food, drink, performances, and interactive installations.

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Bring a mask or buy one at the door, but come prepared for a night to remember. Located at the Halcyon Lodge in the heart of Ohio City (West 28th and Franklin), Bal Ingenieux will feature multiple venues of entertainment that will unfold as the evening progresses.

Performances by:

  • Rob Sherwood – The original kingpin of Cleveland’s club scene returns for a very rare evening-long DJ set.
  • Cello Fury – Three classically trained cellists and a rock drummer that wowed crowds at the 2011 Festival. ($100 & $40 Tickets Only)
  • Shivering Timbers – This Akron band takes inspiration from the likes of Gershwin and Hendrix to create low-fi folk-rock lullabies and is heralded as one of the best original acts in NE Ohio.
  • Mist – Modern synth music and visual decadence from wonder kids Sam Goldberg (of Radio People) and John Elliott (of Emeralds, Outer Space, etc.)
  • Jeremy Bible – Experimedia record label mastermind steps into the limelight with a rare live performance of heavy noisy, fractured rhythms, and pulsing walls of sound.
  • Syncopated Sin Swing Band – Vance Studio’s ode to early 20th century swing jazz classics.
  • Ragers – Brand new Cleveland indie hipster band ready to show the late night crowd how to rock and roll.
  • Zany Umbrella Circus – Neuvo street performance, acrobatics, and more.
  • Kokoon Klub Revue – a combination of fabulous costumes and dance hearkening back to the bad old days of 1913
  • Joey Molinaro – NYC-based composer, violinist, and fiddler Joey Molinaro first gained attention as a member of the seven-piece experimental chamber-grind outfit “Basilica.” As an acoustic or electric solo artist, he conjures a torrent of riffs over a two-boot foot percussion flurry. 

Art Installations by:

  • //benitez_vogl – Creators of IngenuityFest 2011’s I
  • Chris Yanc – Interactive artist and creator of the Digital Graffiti wall brings a preview of his IngenuityFest 2012 project.
  • James Murray – Sound artist and IngenuityFest 2011 favorite returns to create an interactive sound environment.
  • Rust Belt Monster Collective – Cleveland illustrators take on Ingenuity’s 2012 theme “Feeds” in a large scale art project created throughout the evening.

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From 1913 to 1946, Cleveland’s Kokoon Arts Club held an annual Bal-Masque known for pushing the limits of the day. Built in 1931, the Halcyon Lodge was constructed by the Freemasons. Its mix of auditoriums, ballrooms, and smaller venues makes it perfect for an event that’s part entertainment and part exploration.

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    1. Hi Lindsey — I think it’s going to be more casual that a gown — a really nice dress will be great! See you there!

  1. It is not clear when the doors open (for the $100 ticket group) and parking facilities.

    Thanks – looking forward to this.

    1. Hi Kirk — the doors for the $100 level open at 6PM and there will be valet parking for that portion of the evening. See you tomorrow.

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