2015 Festival Highlights

More are coming, but here’s a few to wet your appetite!


Big Tippy
Created by: Tesla Orchestra

Remember that claw game that stole all your money? Imagine using that claw to balance boxes on top of each other…we may not be bringing back the Tesla coils this year but the team behind it is behind this one as well!

Created by: Greg Stroh and Collaborators

This installation is a wooden structure [portions wrapped in film], allowing for passage, and a seating area. Outfitted with passive infrared sensors (PIR sensors) which, it tracks movement at 4′ intervals triggering a light box to signal the passage through diffused light.

Pipe Dream
Created by: Tom Franco & Guerin Wolf

A collaborative artwork that brings participants together to paint a picture of what is and what could be. We’re working with local artist and anamorphic painter Guerin Wolf, and Bay Area resident and founder of the Firehouse Art Collective Tom Franco, along with the entire Cleveland art Community

Created by: The Work Collective

CUbE x WORK is a three-dimensional form, designed to create light and motion, in non-traditional spaces. The objective is to inspire viewers to see their physical environment from a whole new perspective. CUbE x WORK is an 12’H x 12’W x 12’L box consisting of a steel sub-structure, mounted on a low rising platform that can be disassembled and transported to all environments. Four video projectors are used to project a combination of both computer generated and pre-recorded images. The interactive images are created by using Raspberry Pi’s with on-board cameras capturing images from one screen, manipulating the images using SimpleCV, and projecting the images on the next side of the cube. These images continue to move to the subsequent side, layering with previous images.


Dancing Wheels Parade: In honor of Dancing Wheels Company’s 35th anniversary, Ingenuity will be conducting a parade to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions to the Cleveland artistic and dance community.

Iron Architect: a competition where four teams compete to create a unique seating environment within the festival grounds using an array of materials, $200 to Home Depot, and of course a secret ingredient. This competition is in partnership with HGR, and the City of Cleveland’s Department of Architecture and Site Development.

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