2014 IngenuityFest Call for Entries

This is Ingenuity – Be A Part of It

IngenuityFest is a festival of art, music, and technology.  It’s also about finding and celebrating truly passionate and engaged people using every tool at their disposal to explore and create.  We don’t simply bring two disciplines together; we highlight the creativity and innovation taking place at the edge of these worlds.   This is where passions collide, where expertise mix, and the unexpected is born.  Come be a part of Ingenuity.  (Deadline for entries is 11:59 PM April 6, 2014, however we have opened rolling entries to be considered for 2014 and beyond.  What does that mean?  We are reviewing entries for this year, but sometimes slots open up as we plan for the festival or great ideas can be considered in advance for 2015.  So read on even if you missed the deadline!)

What exactly is IngenuityFest?
IngenuityFest is a 3-day festival celebrating art, music, and technology.  The Festival this year will be held September 26-28  in Cleveland, Ohio.  Approximately 40,000 people attend the festival.  2014 will be the 10th IngenuityFest.

What We’re Looking For?
IngenuityFest presents a wide range of installations, performances, and demonstrations.  We are looking for literally anything that meets our Selection Criteria including:

  • Large Installations
  • Gallery Pieces
  • Technology Demonstrations
  • Theater Performances
  • Dance Performances
  • Immersive Installations
  • Sound Installations
  • Sculpture
  • Video / Film
  • Multimedia
  • The Unexpected

What Spaces Will Be Available at IngenuityFest 2014?
Ingenuity changes its configuration year after year.  No two Festivals are alike and we want to create a space for the wide range of performances, demonstrations, and installations.  Ingenuity 2014 will include:

  • Digital / Internet Art Galleries
  • A Tech Innovation Demonstration Space
  • A Coffee Shop / Open Mic Style Stage
  • A Dance Space
  • A Black Box Theater
  • Installation Spaces
  • 2 Large Performance Spaces
  • Room for several large to medium art pieces
The Space
Ingenuity will be returning to the Clevleand Lakefront space that held the 2012 and 2013 Festivals.   Two large warehouses (approximately 60,000 sq/ft each) sit on Lake Erie.  Large garage doors open onto large expanses of open outdoor space.  Last year we created a promenade along the lake with restaurants, music venues, and hang-out spaces.  Currently we are looking at integrating a larger segment of the area into our festival which would include the area around the Rock Hall and Science Center.

Ingenuity has no standard rates of grants for projects.  We ask that  each creator submit a budget based on costs and fees.   The bulk of our festival is made up of grants ranging from $100 up to $5,000.  We occasionally fund projects at a higher level as well depending on the scope of the work and the reputation of an artist or performer.   We sometimes ask creators to seek outside funding for projects.

Selection Criteria
Content for IngenuityFest is chosen through a process that uses objective scoring combined with subjective judgements by experts from arts and technology fields.  This group (typically a dozen people) scores each submission according to the selection criteria.  A conversation typically follows to discuss scores and to  balance selections with other entries.

2014 Selection Criteria
We’ve added to and changed the selection criteria – please read carefully.  While all pieces at Ingenuity do not touch on every one of these criteria, we look for pieces that touch on most of them.

  • Artistic Merit
  • Technology Integration
  • Interactivity
  • Educational Value
  • Innovation / Creativity
  • Incorporation of Theme (Clouds)  We are forgoing a theme this year to concentrate on our 10 anniversary!
  • Demonstration of Ability to Execute Proposal
  • Need within Category
  • Knowledge of Work

2014 Theme: Our Tenth Anniversary 
It’s hard to believe, but Ingenuity’s been around for a decade.  We’re forgoing our usual theme to concentrate on celebrating 10 years of Ingenuity.

In A Band?

We encourage music acts that meet our selection criteria to apply.  However, Ingenuity presents over 100 bands at each of its Festivals representing a wide range of music tastes: from hip-hop to jazz to electronic to classical.  Bands should apply here: www.ingenuitycleveland.com/2014bandcall

The Selection Team
Ingenuity brings together about a dozen members of the community to serve as part of the curatorial team.  These include professionals in theatre, dance, visual art, interactive technology, and music.  We will announce this team shortly.

Ready to apply?  Get started here.

Questions?  Please contact James at jkrouse@ingenuitycleveland.org

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