2014 Performances

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The S.A.R.A. brings new levels of interactivity to dancers and other artists

Originally developed as a standalone app to translate the surrounding environment into sounds on mobile devices, Ingenuity – with support from the Ohio Arts Council – took S.A.R.A. on as this year’s IngenuityLabs project to develop it further. S.A.R.A. (Synesthetic Augmented Reality Application) explores the potential of using a mobile device as a unique and wearable musical interface; it produces video and sound based on the camera input and the movement of the dancers. Imagery captured via the mobile device’s onboard camera is translated into synesthetic-inspired sounds.


Nathaniel Bartlett mixes weaves music, technology, and live performance in fresh ways that thrill audiences.

Nathaniel Bartlett
A performer, composer, improvisor, and engineer – Nathaniel Bartlett doesn’t just create musical pieces. He creates musical events. His work as marimbist also includes performances of acoustic and electro-integrated compositions written by other composers from both recent decades and centuries-old compositions.



Big shows in a little space, the VDV returns to thrill audiences 60 people at a time!



Voix de Ville
It’s back for a second year! Last year, IngenuityFest was the location of the world premiere of the Voix de Ville (“Voice of the City”), a mini mobile circus tent created by local vaudeville duo, Pinch and Squeal. Come experience it for yourself with a zany multi-faceted neo-vaudeville cast. Performances will be throughout the weekend but be sure to get there early! Last year there were long lines right before showtime!


Jam with a musician on your iPhone!


Joel Corelitz
Have you ever wanted to be in a band but have no musical talent? Wanted to be in a musical band AND have an ear for it? Whatever the case, Constellation is a no-app-required, interactive performance system that allows participants to control elements of the music & visuals live using their phones. Simply by joining a Wi-Fi network, participants can assume control of an instrument based on selection and input is quantized to the temp & scale so that the input always feels musical!


One of the most photographed performances at Ingenuity!
One of the most photographed performances at Ingenuity!


Tesla Orchestra

An experience not to be missed – watch as two giant Tesla coils light up the lakefront for an unforgettable display! Does the phrase “musical lightning bolts” not sell itself?




What will the secret ingredient be?
What will the secret ingredient be?


Iron Composer
It is Iron Chef for composers. Five composers are invited to compete in person. On the morning of September 26, the competitors are assigned an instrumentation and a secret musical ingredient. They have just five hours to write a piece of music that incorporates those two elements. Their work is then performed and judged on a public concert that same evening!


Medicine Cabinet
If you came to our festival last year, you may or may not have seen a giant bubble used for concerts. In fact, was pretty hard to miss! This year come see the new giant bubble – the Medicine Cabinet is working hard to out-do themselves from last year. Be sure to check out what they’ve constructed!

Celestial Bodies
Team Octagon
Featuring choreography from Alyssa Lee Wilmot of Cleveland and a cameo from Nick Maier (MTV’S Analogue Mountain), Team Octagon is the collective effort of over 70 Chicago-based artists, filmmakers, musicians, comedians and writers. Lead by Jake Myers, this group of cultural producers aims to create relevant, exciting and experimental cinema.

A Simple Wheel. A Simple Dance.
Aron Long
The “Cyr Wheel” is a large, metal hoop in which an acrobat/dancer spins inside, or moves alongside the wheel while maneuvering around the stage. Try and not be mesmerized. Just try.


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