2013 Images: Visual Art


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  1. Critiquing is very much a part of both the arts and the sciences, probably even essential. So here goes.

    The montage at the top of this page is technically interesting. It would be nice, though, if it were easier to dwell on a specific photo and not have it fly by so fast that there’s no time to really see it.

    More importantly, it would very much add to the photos if there were some accompanying information, the sort of stuff that’s basic to journalism: the who, what, where, when of what’s going on in the photos. For example, who is the artist in the first photo and what is he painting, what is the title of the painting, where is he working and when?

    Last but not least, I’m sure the artists and organizations being depicted would appreciate their names being mentioned. Even better, if there were some contact information provided for them, this would give the public a way to reach the people who are so generously helping to make Ingenuity Fest the great event it is.

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